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Artisan pasta factory

The official shop of the Giannobile pasta factory

From the Abruzzo and Val di Sangro tradition "PASTIFICIO GIANNOBILE"

The 100% national grains, together with the traditional Abruzzo techniques used by the Pastificio Giannobile, allow you to bring a delicious handcrafted product to the table! The pasta masters work the pasta with circular bronze dies and dry it delicately and at a low temperature for 72 hours.

In Val di Sangro, Perano, Abruzzo, the "Pastificio Giannobile" proposes food no. 1 of the Italian cuisine, superior quality for the choice and control of Italian semolina and an accurate and careful work on the production cycles. In addition, pasta with legume flours such as beans, peas, lentils and pastas flavored with blueberries, saffron, squid ink, etc.

Products of the highest quality

Best customer service

Wholemeal and flavored pasta

The basic ingredient is always the durum wheat semolina which makes it already tasty and particular, but with traditional spices and aromas a combination of colors and aromas takes shape, the flavored line of Pastificio Giannobile offers your table an incredible touch of haute cuisine .

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