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From the Abruzzese and Val di Sangro tradition "PASTIFICIO GIANNOBILE"

100% Italian durum wheat semolina, bronze drawing and slow drying (from 24 to 48 hours) as our grandparents wanted, In Val di Sangro, Perano, Abruzzo the "PastificioGiannobile" proposes the food n. 1 of Italian cuisine. Superior quality for the choice and control of Italian flours and an accurate work on the production cycles. In addition, pasta with legume flours such as beans, peas, lentils and pastas flavored with blueberries, saffron, squid ink, etc.

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Flavored pasta

The basic ingredient always remains durum wheat semolina which makes it already tasty and particular, but with traditional spices and aromas a combination of colors and aromas takes shape, the flavored line of Pastificio Giannobile offers your table an incredible touch of haute cuisine .

Our company

Our company produces 100% Italian certified durum wheat semolina pasta, to be combined with sauces and sauces of your choice. The semolina used is marketed in Italy from Italian mills and obtained from national grains strictly controlled by the bodies in charge.

Semi-integral Granoduro

Semi-wholemeal durum wheat semolina gives the products a particular rustic flavor and is particularly suitable for producing dry or fresh pasta.

Semi-wholemeal semolina apsta has a high protein value and contains many fibers and zinc. It contains little fat and has a very low percentage of sodium.

Its taste is pleasant and full-bodied.

Legume paste

Many legumes offer extraordinary health benefits, rich legume diets are followed to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of different types of cancer.

Legumes combined with cereals provide the body with complete proteins, rather than "the meat of the poor" as they were once defined, they could be called "the meat of healthy people".

The nutritional value of legumes is represented primarily by the high content of proteins of good biological value because they consist of essential amino acids. They are a source of carbohydrates and provide a minimum amount of lipids contained mostly in soy and peanut.

They offer a powerful antioxidant action, they also provide fiber, B vitamins and mineral salts such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

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